Exercise bursts is the definitive approach to getting children active in the shortest amount of time.
Create your own exercise burst or use one of the unique channels.

"Fitbound is the newest sensation for kids. It's the Netflix of Exercise."


Rapidly growing around the world. Fitbound has reached 17 countries and is trusted by 25,000 parents and children worldwide.


CDC solution

Center for Disease Control (CDC) states in its CSPAP plan that students need physical activity throughout the day.


7 minutes or less

No need to worry about time and space as the platform can be used by any organization where time and space are restricted.

What we do

Fitbound’s short activity bursts instill good physical fitness habits and improve cognitive function.

Reimagine what it means to be active.
Create your own bursts for the world to use.

Fitbound for Education

Engage students all day

Fitbound for Families

Create a healthy family environment

Fitbound for Hospitals

Enhance the experience at the hospital

Thousands of teachers, nurses, and families are enhancing children's daily experience with Fitbound.

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