A personal account from a teacher in one of the largest counties in the country. 

Our class started Fitbound videos about 2 months ago. When Matt came in to present his ideas about fitness in the classroom, our students were extremely excited about the different types of videos that we could try several times a day. We started off trying the first video from each category. Each student quickly figured out which videos they liked the most and started asking for them throughout the day. We all started noticing how exercising in the classroom helped with learning and behavior in the classroom.

Before we began our videos, we set up clear expectations about where each student would find their personal space, how we would get back to our seats, and what appropriate participation looked like in the classroom. The first few videos were fun and caused a lot of excitement and energy. After several videos, the students learned that after the video it was time to get to work. They began to anticipate the ending of the videos and move quickly into their next learning task. For the 10-20 minutes post-video, the kids are actively engaged and intensely focused.

One thing that surprised the kids and I most are the yoga videos. We have a high energy class with mostly boys. We decided to try a yoga video before reading one day, and the kids loved every minute. They were calm and engaged, and they explained how settled they felt during the reading block. They repeatedly ask to do yoga videos before tests and other calm activities to help settle them down. Overall, we’ve noticed that when we let different kids select a video, they are more likely to participate and then reap the benefits of calm behaviors and academically focused in the subject area that follows.


Fairfax County 5th Grade Teacher