“Fitbound is the perfect way to keep kids alert! The more they move throughout the day, the more engaged they are in their own education” Jacqui C., Fitbound Teacher

Good mornings with Yokid!

Start each morning with a little mindfulness taught by Yokid. These videos offer calming stretches to get your day going. If your class needs to get some energy out first thing in the morning, you can pick a video that gets them moving and breathing! Both are sure to get the chatter boxes ready for school!

Subject Transitions with Dance Place!

Does it take kids forever to get from one place to another? They can struggle with cleaning up their areas and moving onto the next activity, so after class, put on a Dance Place video like Makru or Greatness. Trust me, nobody wants to waste time when you can freestyle instead.

After lunch, we Kempo!

Don’t know about you, but after lunch, classrooms can be crazy! They are on an exercise high and have all the energy in the world, so why not do some Kempo with Potomac Kempo to help them concentrate and get refocused for learning!

Big test? Parkour First!

Before a test, it may be time to stimulate the brain with Parkour. Movement Creative designed some amazing videos that focuses on flow and coordinated movements, that will get the brain thinking multiple steps ahead. 

Almost Home!

The last movement of the day depends on how kids are. If they’re tired and need to wake up for some more learning, do a Fitbound workout. If they are extra energized, do something that calms them down and helps them regain focus like YoKid.

Utilize Fitbound in a thousand different ways, but always use it to get kids moving in the classroom!