Microbursts: A brilliant compromise to keep kids moving

How do you stimulate the brain at school and encourage creativity at home? Is there a way to bridge the gap to sustain a healthy living lifestyle at school and at home? Whether your child has gotten 60 minutes of exercise today or not, let’s be honest, they can always use more. It could be to tire them out or get them away from a screen, whatever the motivation, moving and not sitting for long periods, is a positive.

How do you get them up and moving without getting the historical great line “you’re ruining everything” or “you’re so annoying”?


What is a microburst? It’s a deliberate, intense and brief expenditure of energy. (For more on the science behind it, here is an entire study explaining bursts)

Let’s focus on the brief.

If a child wants to park it inside on a cold day or is attached to their screen, there needs to be consistent intervention. That is where Fitbound comes in. We will allow you to preach healthy living without causing a minor meltdown because you are blocking Cars 3 or Star Wars. We won’t interrupt a child’s life with 30 minutes of boring push-ups and sit-ups. We will take 3 minutes of their time and they can go back to the video game or their choice or social media platform they are currently into most.

The brilliant part is Fitbound has five channels to choose from: Dance, Parkour, Yoga, Martial Arts, and HIIT. There is a burst for everyone. And if not, jump up to the PRO version and kids can create their own micro-bursts!

Sedentary behavior is becoming a serious cause for concern. You can be sedentary at work, at school, at home, when travelling or during leisure time. Sedentary behavior requires little energy expenditure. Examples of sedentary behavior include:

  • Sitting or lying down while watching television or playing electronic games.
  • Sitting while driving a vehicle, or while travelling.
  • Sitting or lying down to read, study, write, or work at a desk or computer.

Everyone’s time is precious and no child wants to be disrupted, but don’t let sitting become the standard. Bust up the sitting by bursting to Fitbound, and establish a fun and engaging way to incrementally break up screen time or exercise when the weather isn’t cooperating.

You can already find Fitbound in the classroom, so why not bring those micro-bursts home and keep our kids moving throughout the day.

One more hint: If your child has homework and a lot of it, and is sitting at their desk for too long, they aren’t learning. Get them up and moving for 3 minutes then that brain will start firing!

This is their brain sitting and their brain on exercise: