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Learn How to Analyze Different Academic Issues in Your Synthesis Essay

You Should Interpret Several Sources of Information in Your Synthesis EssayA synthesis essay is an academic assignment where the students should explore a definite subject or a problem due to the research of various academic issues on the topic.
1. First of all, you should assemble relevant material from different sources:
- books- encyclopedias- articles from magazines, newspapers, journals- internet
You may also use different non-written sources (e.g. professor’s lectures, your own synopsis, results from interview or observations).

2. Try to collect all possible material on the topic. After you have collected all the necessary information you should research the material trying to understand what is of first and what is of the second importance for your essay. If you have found some interesting material on the topic, write down briefly the main ideas that you are going to use for your paper. It will also save your time in future if you write down the information about the referenced books. You may even make a chart and divide it into two columns. To the first column you should include the book author’s name, the title of the book, the year of its editing, general number of pages and the page number of the citation or saying. To the second column write down some vivid examples, interesting sayings and quotations that are applied in the book.
3. Divide your paper into parts. If you have never outlined the paper before, you should consult your advisor and ask him to explain you how it is better to structure the paper. If for some reasons you cannot connect your advisor, so you may find essay writing guideline in the internet. There you may read some general rules of how it is better to outline the paper.
First write the main body. In the main body you should present the information taken from the sources in some original way. Your paper will be dull and not professional if you just simply repeat the information from the books.
In the introduction pronounce the topic of your essay. Dwell on its significance and novelty. At the end of the introductory part, state (in one sentence) the thesis statement. It should be clear for the readers. Make sure it reflects the essence of your paper. Also point out what methods you are going to use in your paper. For example, if your task is to compare the issues, so you may use comparative method. Or if you have to explain something in your essay, so you may use descriptive and declaratory methods. At the end of the essay usually goes summary. Here you should once again underline the main points of your essay and strike a balance about the whole paper.
When you are done with your paper, proofread it. Ask someone to analyze your paper before you submit it to the checking committee.
If you cannot cope with writing a synthesis essay alone, custom essay writing service is just what you need. Here you will get a qualified help in choosing the appropriate topic or outlining your paper. You may also ask the professional editors to proofread your paper.
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