Our Mission

Our vision is to create opportunities for children to pursue and fitness and health oriented lifestyle in three of the most important environments in a child’s life: school, home, and community.

At school, pressure to perform is forcing our schools to sacrifice vital physical and nutritional education activities.

At home and in their community, children are often times distracted by screen time to pursue a fitness and health oriented lifestyle.

The combination of all these factors makes it very hard for children to pursue a fit and healthy life all by themselves. We want to lift this burden from our children and help schools by offering in-school fitness and education programs.

The link between, quality of life, obesity, and inactivity is too costly to ignore and it’s easy to look at this problem as too big to solve; however, we see this as an opportunity to create a grassroots movement for kids to be healthy and fit.

We use fitness as a tool to change children’s lives academically and physically.

Fitbound’s short activity bursts instill good physical fitness habits and improve cognitive function.

“Fitbound is the perfect way to keep

kids alert!

The more they move throughout the day, the

more engaged

they are in their own education”

-Megan N. 7th Grade teacher. VA