Exercise changes everything

For all education institutions that want to change student's lives physically and academically while bridging cultures simultaneously.

Enhance cognitive function

The pressure to perform is forcing our schools to sacrifice vital physical and nutritional education activities. The more they move throughout the day, the more engaged they are in their own education. Fitbound is the perfect way to keep kids alert.

Engaging doesn't have to be time-consuming

It’s easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to make your own.

Morning meeting

Quick burst that wakes students up and gets them ready for the day

After lunch or recess

An exercise that brings everyone back down and centered to start focusing

Before & after a test

Get students moving to activate the brain and release tension

Subject blocks

Take a vigorous break every 30 minutes to increase fitness and students ability to learn

Indoor recess

Combine a couple exercises together and students get the movement they need and deserve

Class reset

Sometimes students just need to move a little to regain focus and behave properly

A healthy classroom is an educated classroom

Fitbound challenges children to improve their physical fitness, teaches them about the importance of healthy living, and motivates them to share what they have learned and serve as ambassadors in their communities.

Enhanced Students

Content is seamlessly integrated with school and won’t intrude on teacher’s day. Provides real opportunities to improve daily habits & enhance learning.

Higher Test Scores
Improved Attendance
Increased concentration and focus
Lower rates of childhood obesity
A lifetime of healthy habits
Better behavior in class

School Culture

Fitbound is a lifestyle. It’s a way of thinking, acting, and believing. It’s a community that learns, improves, and works together to become fit and healthy. If families believe that schools care about the total child then they will become more engaged and success will be inevitable.

Classroom Engagement

Exercise helps fire up neurons in the brain, that causes a chemical reaction and stimulates the brain, which improves brain function and increases a child’s ability to learn.

Cultural Bridge

Fitbound’s bursts create a cross-cultural bridge using exercise to lead societies to be more productive and understanding. Schools can exercise while continuing to educate students on how different cultures move.

Why Fitbound is Vital

“With children being in school almost three-quarters of the day, schools have to help children attain their 60 minutes of physical activity each day. “
-Brett Colton, Key Elementary School, Washington D.C.