Fitbound for All

The 501(c)3 nonprofit arm of Fitbound.

The first exercise platform in the world to represent individuals with and without disabilities on screen.

An Organization that Changes the Conversation

Content Creation

Content that is accessible and inclusive that represents all individuals.

Inclusion Focused

The only platform with a dedicated focus on individuals with disabilities.

Provide a Voice

The ability of the community to dictate and express themselves is vital to Inclusion.

Connect the World

Creative visions become a reality that are streamed and used around the world.

Exercise and wellness are crucial to combat obesity & sedentary diseases.

Lead the Charge

Change happens when everyone has a voice.

Zero Representation & Zero Products

There are over one billion individuals with a disability worldwide and there are zero streaming exercise platforms dedicated to representing individuals with disabilities on screen.

Help Empower the Disability Community

The disabled community is the world’s third-largest economic power