Fitbound challenges children to improve their physical fitness, teaches them about the importance of healthy living, and motivates them to share what they have learned and serve as ambassadors in their communities.

Our focus is on children. With the obesity epidemic at an all-time high, Fitbound focuses on providing children with as many outlets as possible to become healthy.




School Involvement
Teachers and school administrators can serve as health and fitness ambassadors by becoming as leaders of our in-school programs.




Physical Activity
Exercise before, during, and after school is beneficial for children, and Fitbound for All has developed the programs to support this activity.




Family Engagement
Parents and siblings can positively influence family member’s health and fitness habits.




Community Involvement
FitBound supports several causes, programs, and individuals whose goals are aligned with ours.




Healthy Education
Educating children about how and why healthy living is an important step in laying the foundation for a fit and healthy life.