Design a video that represents you

Allow everyone to experience your culture, creativity, and passion!

The Fitbound Challenge

Top rated videos go on Fitbound's international platform for the world to use!


Think it

Your first step is to identify what type of exercises you want to do for your video (hip hop, yoga, interval training, etc.).

Explore it

If you’ve identified the type, now you need to research how it helps students physically, educationally, and psychologically.

Create it

Once you have a basic plan for your video; make some simple sketches of your idea to see how it may look on film, how long each section will be.

Try it

Once your group has created it and filmed a rough draft, ask friends, teachers, parents, and neighbors to try or review it. What suggestions do they have for making your video better?

Edit it

Tweak it using the feedback you got in the Try it step, identify ways you can improve your video. Keep working on your video! Step five may be done multiple times, depending on whether you like the latest version.

Final Filming

Film the final draft with multiple angles that allows Fitbound and your group to use.

Represent to the World

Use the challenge as part of an individualized project or inside of a project based learning period.

Design an exercise burst! Allow everyone to experience your culture, creativity, and passion!

Check out the REP IT document in the Resources section in your account for details.

Connecting Cultures

Fitbound’s platform connects cultures and cities that would otherwise have little to no interaction through a non-threatening avenue, which leads societies to be more productive and understanding.